The Amazon Associates Programme

The Hill web site is a participant in the Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to

How does it work?
This programme uses Amazon's ability to detect how a visitor got to their site. In the jargon, they track 'click-throughs' from other sites.

For every order placed, they'll give us at least 5% back (sometimes over 8%), which will go straight into the bank account of the Friends of Telegraph Hill Park. It doesn't cost the purchaser any more, so it's ideal for us to keep a trickle of money flowing into the account. Amazon pay it in whenever the amount earned reaches £25. Click here for examples of what people have been buying and how much commission has been earned.

Tell all your friends!
Of course, you don't have to live on Telegraph Hill - anywhere in the UK will do; so if you know people who use Amazon and they wouldn't mind going there via The Hill, let them know.