Map of Lewisham's Recycling Facilities: contains the same map as the document above, but also includes a list of items which can be recycled at Landmann Way recycling centre.

Don't throw your old sofa out on the street (see Flytipping): recycle it at - groups all over the world are doing it. Here's the London group.



Fridges and freezers

Abandoned cars

Recycling (general)

Landmann Way Recycling Centre



The Hill > Environment > Recycling

It's now much easier to find information about recycling from Lewisham's web site, but here are some of useful pointers anyway:

Watching Your Waste: this is a pdf document, subtitled "a guide to reducing and recycling household waste", giving details of recylcing facilities and useful tips.

What can I recycle? See Lewisham's list here.